It's without a doubt that Detroit Lions fans are feeling the 2024 postseason. The team has scored the first playoff win in decades and are set to host a divisional round game at Ford Field.

While the tickets for the game have skyrocketed in price those who pay the hefty fee may be able to contribute to the largest stadium crowd noise ever - it's something Lions fans are aspiring to after setting an indoor stadium record in January 2024 during their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

From a franchise that saw its fans famously show up with paper bags over their heads to a zealous crowd that is setting deible records is a testament to how far the team has come.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
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Detroit Holds the Record for Loudest Indoor Crowd Ever

Sunday, January 14 at Ford Field in Detroit, the decibel monitor in the stadium recorded a crowd noise of 133.6 dB which The Detroit Line via Kyle Meinke reports is the largest indoor crowd noise ever surpassing a previous mark of 130.4 dB set at at University of Kanas Jayhawks basketball game.

Just how loud is 133 decibels? At 130 dB you're getting a noise level equivalent to standing next to a working jackhammer and just above the threshold of pain.

The loudest stadium crowd noise on record belongs to fans of the Kansas City Chiefs who once collectively screamed to the level of 142.2 dB in the outdoor stadium.

How did fans react when they learned the record-breaking, and eardrum-shattering, news?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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140 this week DETROIT!!!!!

I bet it gonna be louder.

That would be impressive! At max capacity, Arrowhead has 11,416 more seats than Ford Field.

Sunday better tops 142.2!

Challenge accepted

They used to penalize the team the crowd was being loud for if the opposing team couldn't hear the plays or it caused some kind of problem with play. Obviously they're not doing that anymore?

Maybe the Ford family should hand out ear plugs at the gate! It’s going to be LOUD!!!! LETS GO Lions!!!

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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And that may be the best advice. If you're shelling out for the tickets to the Lions/Bucs matchup, bring your earplugs.

And if you're ready to get things heated up for the 2024 season, here's who the Lions will face:

Detroit Lions Home Opponents 2024

These are the teams the Detroit Lions will face at Ford Field during the 2024 regular season.

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