The Great Lakes have been in the grip of a major winter storm hallmarked by arctic low temperatures and intense snowfall through mid-January 2024.

Across West Michigan, we've been dealing with bone-chilling cold and ice-covered roads that will not improve until temperatures rise.

Our friendly, neighborhood Lake Michigan has seen some things due to this storm as well. Check out what the Big Lake has had to endure.

Rolocking Pancake Ice and Frozen Lighthouses on Lake Michigan

From the outlet of the St Joseph River, pancake ice churns into Lake Michigan while the lighthouse and pier have taken on a full crusting of a wind-sculpted ice coating.

Water Spouts and Fog Tornadoes on Lake Michigan

Above the lake call them steam devils, water spouts or fog tornadoes, they've been whirling around the lake.

This image was captured by the Northwest Indiana-based Timeless Aerial Photography

Vapor Wall Encoraches on Chicago

Videographers around Chicago caught this wall of water vapor that looked like a giant wave ready to crash onto the lakeshore.

Sand Bricks of Lake Michigan

Here's one I'm not sure I ever recall seeing before. This is beach sand from the Northern Michigan shore frozen and formed into blocks and slabs.

Commenters say:

My home state of Michigan and our Great Lakes are full of surprises. This is a new one for me.

Looks like cement sheets. Mother Nature is awesome

It's been a wild winter to start 2024 but a warm-up (and flooding?) is ahead. Whatever comes each winter, always be prepared.

Winter Weather Safety Tips for Michiganders

Whether you're staying indoors, shoveling your driveway, or hitting the slopes, here are tips for remaining safe and injury-free this winter season:

Gallery Credit: Lauren Gordon